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John Byers


John's main focus in real estate marketing is producing a property listing that stands out and is capable of commanding the attention of a prospective buyer. John uses photography to great advantage, incorporating high definition aerial drone photography, combined with interior virtual tours to produce listings which are not only beautiful and informative, but also memorable. John utilizes social media, the internet, the MLS, and printed media to ensure his images of your home will be etched in the memory of prospective buyers as they navigate through a sea of other home listings. The Byers Team has an interior designer as a member that helps stage your property for showings, and also for the all important photographs. Simply stated, the motto for The Byers' Team is "It's all about the image". It's what you see. Man was created as a visual creature. In fact, following every single part of his creation "God saw that it was good". He didn't hear that it was good, He didn't feel that it was good, He SAW that it was good! John and his family are fairly new to the Lake Norman Area, but John's relationship with real estate is not. He is a Realtor in WV, and has enjoyed a successful career as a dentist, practicing and teaching dentistry in WV. His practice afforded him the opportunity to own and manage a resort vacation rental company. This adventure was where John first learned about the power of imagery. Utilizing what were advanced photographic techniques at the time, John used imagery and the internet to successfully market beautiful homes, with his best results on waterfront property. Today, John is excited to be relocated here on Lake Norman, focusing his talents on becoming an asset to the waterfront communities, with their beautiful photogenic homes. When John isn't out doing photography or showing clients their new dream home, you can find he and his wife Kathi spending time with their grandchildren on the lake, being involved in Church activities and enjoying many of the activities and public spaces the lake area has to offer. Give John a call, and let him help you market your home.

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